Dear Gurmehar Kaur,

As an indian citizen, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the state you are in now.

Just because you made some noise, you are being hunted by the rabid creatures of our society. You did something very brave for a girl, but you were mocked for that. Of course, there are a ton of trolls out there, making fun of you. But don’t back out, be the Punjabi sherni you are. Your father was one of the bravest sons of our country. One of our ministers had called out to his partymen to stop attacking you since you are the daughter of a Kargil martyr. The ones who roar about the great indian culture, which has high regard for women, doesn’t even consider the fact that you are a girl, who should be respected and protected and is the responsibility of men.

Don’t stop what you started. Make some noise and bring about change. India is with you. The unbiased Indian youth is with you.

Be safe,
A Frustrated Indian.


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