Valentine’s Day Playlist

Valentine’s day is all about love, roses, chocolates, gifts and much more. For those looking to find their perfect half or ever had a love, it is the most special day every year.   February 14 for me is the anniversary of a  road accident in 2014. For someone who went through heartbreaks, Valentine’s day is the day of brooding. Being someone who did that twice, here is my list of heartbreak songs for all the heartbroken souls out there.


1  Channa Mereya

This one song from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil made it to the list with its superb lyrics.Perfectly explains how one feels after a breakup.


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2    Tanhayi

My all-time favourite. Been on top of my playlist ever since I first heard the song. The best medicine for a bad breakup.  Sonu Nigam has never sounded this good.



3  Tu Jaane Na

Atif Aslam does a great job as always. The lover’s agony so strong that it makes our heart bleed. Listen to the song here and shed a tear over your lost love.



4  Tujhe Yaad Na Meri Aayi

There is no better song to explain the feeling  when you realize the one you loved truly, madly, deeply has left you for good(practically, when you realize you have been mercilessly dumped  :-))



5 Tujhe Bhula Diya

The strength of this song is its tune, crafted superbly, that could break any language barriers. You don’t have to know Hindi to enjoy this song, for anyone who has ever had a broken heart would be captivated by it.



6  Uyire Uyire/Tu Hi Re

This soulful song speaks of love and hope. Sung beautifully by Hariharan. The song from the movie ‘Bombay’ is one of the best by AR Rahman. Both the Hindi and Tamil versions make an impact on the listener.



7   Bin Tere

one song that will bring back memories of beautiful times and make you rethink your decision to break up. The words will stay with you long after the song is over and you are sure to be left dewy-eyed thinking about those love filled days.



8   Bhula Dena

This is your best friend if you had a bad breakup and is in need of a serious time out from love.




9 Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Yet another fine track from Ae Dil Hai  Mushkil. Best to listen if you had an awesome relationship that didn’t work well and has still not gotten over it yet.





10 Azhalinte Aazhangalil

One song from Malayalam which resonates the pain after having lost one’s lady love.



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Wanted this list to have 14 songs for the Feb 14. Here are the ones that almost made it to the top ten:

11 Humdard

12 Kabira

13 Sunn Raha Hei Na Tu (Female Version)

14 Jag Soona


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