Good days are here !!

One thing that none fails to notice while going through the news is anything regarding fuel prices. Of late, there had only been hikes and not any significant drop. The last price drop of an insignificant margin was preceded and succeeded by significant hikes in price.

After reading the news and logging into facebook, I didn’t see any trolls which used to flood the social network during petrol price hikes. The previous government did sell petrol at high prices, but that was at a time when crude oil prices stood sky high consistently. The crude oil price as of yesterday is USD 50.15 per barrel. I remember a troll showing a petrol bunk and Sachin Tendulkar, with a question of who would reach the 100 mark when Sachin’s century tally was racing towards 100 and petrol prices were at ₹ 70. The previous government did give autonomy to oil cos regarding the fuel prices and sold petrol for ₹70 per litre(the crude oil stood at 100+ dollars then), but the current government which promised to bring down fuel prices not only did follow their suite, but also kept imposing taxes and duties frequently, thereby taking away the advantage of price drops from the ordinary, middle class faceless Indian common man.

Those who went about declaring they would bring down inflation and fuel prices not only did nothing to control them but instead took away the benefits.

Achche din aa Gaya, only for the petroleum companies.

Godspeed 😊


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