Our Prime Minister’s visit to Somalia

Our prime minister is known for his globetrotting. For a while, our country managed without a PM. He was seen clicking selfies with his international counterparts. Recently, for election campaigning, he happened to visit Somalia, on the southern part of our country. I know that part as KERALA.

He compared Kerala, to Somalia during his speech. The reason he pointed out for that was a photograph that he saw, of children at a garbage dump, supposedly searching for food. Another thing he observed was that the Infant Mortality Rate was too high and kids were dying of malnutrition.

Dear Mr.Prime Minister, how could you even think of comparing Kerala, a state which is far more developed in a holistic manner than most of the other Indian states?

The HDI for Kerala is way better than the national level. 95% of the Kerala population has basic sanitation, at least a toilet at home. Kerala is at the top, in literacy rate. The life expectancy of an average Keralite is better than that at other states. Kerala may not have the swanky cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru,Delhi, etc but it has the best levels of development in almost every aspect. The common man has easily accessible good quality healthcare, which many other states lack.

Despite all these, he compared Kerala to Somalia. He is being trolled my the Mallus on social media sites for that. Is Kerala not a part of India? The leaders in Kerala may have been accused of serious malpractices, yet they do good for the Malayalis. The latest row is over who brought back the stranded keralaites from Libya. An ordinary citizen would be ashamed to compare a state in his country to Somalia, yet the Honourable Prime Minister of our country felt like Kerala is Somalia.

Dear PM, Kerala might not have given your party a seat, but it doesn’t mean it’s a ‘Beemaru’ state like the one you referred to sometime back.

Proud to be a Keralite.

Godspeed 😊



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