Yet another Nirbhaya, this time in Kerala.

Jisha, a 29 year old law student was raped and brutally murdered in the most gruesome way one can think of, at Perumbavoor. It was five days after the incident that the public came to know about it. The mainstream media chose to be silent on it, and focus on the power hungry politicos campainging for the upcoming elections.

Our country took to the streets in support of Nirbhaya, the girl from Delhi. The police was swift to act and nabbed the culprits fast. Here, in Perumbavoor, the police is accused of not being really interested in following the case. Was it because Jisha came from a poor background?
Was it because she belonged to a vulnerable section of our society?

The memories of Nirbhaya and Soumya, are still fresh in the minds of keralites, when something like this happened. This points to how safe women are , in our country.

The major reason that crimes like these happen is the absence of a strong and effective laws and punishments and their proper implementation. The laws like in the middle east should be implemented here, for rape and other offences against women. Or the public should be let be the jury and the executioner. Govindachaami who killed soumya is apparently enjoying the jail time.he deserves to be beaten to death or made to suffer what Soumya went through.

The strong laws can be brought about only if the political powers feel the heat of public ire. It can be done only by boycotting the elections.the police and political parties would take action if it directly affect them, for majority of the voter base in Kerala is YOUTH. Let’s not vote till Justice is served for Jisha.That’s one way the Kerala youth can voice our protest.

Would we have stayed silent had it been our mother, sister, wife or even friend?

Ashamed to be a Malayali.


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