I’m not really good at product reviews, but couldn’t keep myself from writing this.

Started window shopping on the e-tailers, to buy a new pair of earphones, after my trusty Sony headset conked out after being with me for almost 3 years.I had in mind a sennheiser and skull candy that came within my budget.

Conviniently ignoring the Bose earphones and other pricey ones that popped up in front of me, I clicked on the filter option. Just then, right at the bottom of the screen I saw this cute little red thing. It said EVIDSON AUDIOWEAR V5.

Ditching the sennheiser and skull candy, I went for the unheard brand, just because it had great reviews. Oredered it and when I received the product, it floored me.

A cute looking red canalphone with metallic body, the build is real sturdy. It looks good for a product at such a price. The package has a bunch of ear plugs for replacement.The integrated mic makes it useful for the long calls. Best bass, superb highs, terrific trebles, and crystal clear calls. It simply had everything I wanted. Used it for couple of hours, on gaming, music, calls, TED talks. The sound was just perfect everytime. The noise isolation is real good.

What more can one expect from earphones from a homegrown brand(Evidson audio is from J Lawrence Pro Audio India, based at Kochi), that costs just ₹679?

My verdict – buy it and you won’t regret it.

Buy it from Evidson audio website and amazon, flipkart etc.


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