Still shaken after finishing the book I SHALL NOT HATE, by Izzeldin Abuelaish.


The book throws light into the life of Gazans. The dangerous, miserable life. Izzeldin, a Palestinian doctor who works both at Gaza and Israel recounts the experiences and tragedies he and his family went through, how the life was in Gaza during the embargo, military attacks etc.
The book is narrated by Izzeldin mostly throughout the book, with inputs from Israeli journalist Shlomi Eldar, about the terrifying moments the Abuelaish family went through when a tank took aim at their house. The heart-wrenching account of how he lost his wife to leukaemia, and almost twelve weeks later, three daughters and niece during the Israeli shelling on their house reflects the life and fear that Gazans live with.
If a seasoned specialist obstetrician like Izzeldin went through the humiliation and hardships he describes in the book, one can guess how life would be for the normal Gazans. The life in the war torn, bullet-ridden land of Gaza is indeed made more miserable by the restrictions imposed upon it.
The book is something everyone should read at least once, to realise that people like us are living a hard life at one corner of the world, struggling even for most of the things we take for granted. Izzeldin reason with the reader at the end, about why he shall not hate the persons who caused the tragedy.
In short, the book is a terrifying journey to Palestine through Izzeldin’s words. Do read it. It’s worth the effort.


Godspeed 😊


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