Election blues

Couple of days back while having my breakfast, I happened to watch an election related discussion on TV. It was one of the very rare kind of disciplined, election related debate/discussion shows. I watched  the whole thing. One thought that crossed my mind while watching it was, ” why on earth should I vote?”.

The participants of the show, representatives of the three prominent parties , were energetically debating and blaming each other’s party and policies, for the current state of roads and other stuff in Kochi. One person who’s party had never been in power, did nothing but blame the other two people and their parties for doing nothing to solve Kochi’s problems.
Kochi does have its own pros and cons. It’s not swanky as Bengaluru or populated as Mumbai/Chennai etc. It’s a cute little city. A happy city.
The problems they lamented about were the silliest of the problems  people face. They never mentioned about the roads at  Vyttila, the busiest junction in Kerala. They conveniently forgot about Edappally junction, now dubbed ‘Lulu’. The political analyst present at the show was more enthusiastic about suggesting that people should actually come to power instead of the political parties than giving possible solutions.
After watching the show I joked about it to my friend who suggested that it’s time someone formed a party named ‘NOTA’.it doesn’t matter which party rules for the next five years, all they might have in mind will be
‘apna sapna money money ‘

As steadfast believers in democracy, Kochiites will cast their vote. Let’s vote for good. Let’s vote for change.
Godspeed 😊


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