” you have changed a lot. You are not the person we knew”.
I have been hearing this for almost a year.
Yes. I did change. I wasn’t a person who is receptive to any kind of change. But I changed, for worse. I no longer think creatively. All i can think about is MONEY.
People call me a villain in many ways. I hate it. Villains are bad. I’m not.
Well, they can call me an EMOTIONAL BADASS!!. It sounds much better.

I scrapped my literary ventures.
Lost interest in photography.
Lost focus into anything that doesn’t have a monetary angle to it.
Ditched a few people for their good(they don’t know about it).

All for money.

I did start with my fourth venture( after massively failing in the first one and tasting marginal success in the second). Even then, I don’t feel like myself. At times, an unknown feeling creeps in, numbing me.
I (almost) lost a good friend, just because I lost a prospective client.

I now want to be the person I was. The person I was four years ago.
That was ME.


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