Teacher’s day

There’s no better time to post this than teacher’s day.

Last night, while looking for a phone number I had written in my old diary, a piece of paper fell out of it. It was an old piece of paper I had placed inside the diary a few years ago. Being in a hurry to get the number, I set the paper aside and continued searching for the number.

After I got the number and called my friend, I saw the paper lying almost torn under my desk. I traveled five years back in time the moment I saw what the paper had.

Its contents were written on the last day of my school life. For the first time, I missed school and the time we had.

It was a teacher who made us all write about our classmates in one line. All 33 of us wrote about each other in the craziest manner and enjoyed doing it then.

Now, years after school has become a beautiful memory, I feel grateful and say a silent thank you to that teacher who made us prepare a memento for ourselves to remind us of the best time in our lives( though I never understood much of what she taught 😉)

Saluting all my teachers on this teacher’s day, who patiently taught me, guided and inspired me.They are the ones who helped me become what I am.

Wishing them all a very happy teacher’s day 😊


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