TWO years of Being An Engineering Dropout and being Sane

Yes . Two years have passed since I dropped engineering. And it took me two years of engineering college life to realize that engineering was not my cup of tea. This post might look anti-engineering, but have nothing against it.after two years, I’m still sane.

Life would be hard if you live in a society which considers engineers as superhumans and engineering as the ticket to a good life. It’s true that engineering did give good jobs to those who passed it a few years back when there were fewer engineering colleges and graduates. And I conveniently threw away my chance to be the family’s poster boy.
From then on, it was me against the world.

Facing the criticism, questions, mockery, and sympathy from everyone around almost made me start to regret my decision. Being an engineering dropout can be compared to being an outlaw in the society. A frown replaced the smile on my face. I started losing sleep.
It was then something happened that changed my life. From then on, I started dreaming about those dreams which now drive me forward.
I now have hope I once lost .
I now feel no shyness in saying that I had dropped engineering. Had I not done it, I would now be taking stock of my backlogs and spending more years to try and fail.

I now have dreams like I had before. I now have dreams that force me to strive hard.


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