4 years

4 years went by in a jiffy. Yes, when you have fun, time truly flies. Four long years of college is almost over. The memories of the first day at college is still fresh. And now it’s going to get over.

In a couple of weeks, we will all have packed up and be gone, kindling the memories of all the fun we had together, at least for a while. We copied together, be it notes or exams. We slept like logs through the drab boring class hours, bunked together for movies and for the craziest things ever. We bitched about each other and pulled each other’s leg, but had each other’s back. We shared everything. We celebrated our joys together, pacified each other during difficulties, making our moments of joy,sorrow,elation,anger,jealousy everyone’s.

We fought with each other for for the silliest or for almost no reason. We laughed and wept together. Ate and slept together.
In short we celebrated our time together, the best way we could.
It’s all about to become things of past, or rather , memories. We will all take different routes in life, but if something stays with us forever, that’s nothing but the  feeling called COLLEGE.
When parting ways, keep one thing in mind,



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