A DAY OUT(on a shoestring budget)

Been too stressed out to write anything and was badly in need of a break. It was then a friend called. My planning for a day trip which usually goes on like a test cricket match, went faster than a T20 match. Everything was ready in a day and we were on road, the next day .

We first went to the much unexplored part of Kochi, to Kadamakkudi after many rounds of compulsion from him. He almost whacked me for that.
Once we got there, it was my chance to bash him.

There was wasn’t much for us to see except for the endless stretches of water, used as prawn farms. Imagine our plight walking through the country lanes of Kadamakkudi at 12 noon with no one in sight.

As a cherry on top, the roadside-bandit auto rikshaw driver fleeced us by demanding 90 rupees for the ride from the main road to the village. We had no other option but to pay the amount. God knows how many kilometres we walked inland and then back to the junction from where we could catch a bus.
We then went to Fortkochi, for Kochi Muziris Biennale.

More about that later.

Godspeed 😊


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