God’s own country or Engineer’s own country?

Kerala often called God’s own country was the first state in India to achieve 100% literacy status. Since then, Kerala has made a lot of progress in the field of education. It has IIM-K and National Institute of Technology, at Kozhikode, and scores of other wonderful institutions.

The CET at Thiruvananthapuram, TKM college of engineering at Kollam, NSS college at Palakkad, Mar Athanasius college at Kothamangalam, and many more wonderful institutions have provided India with finest of its engineers, with some among them being in the top brass of ISRO, DRDO, and much more.
The state which gave such eminent engineers has always stayed ahead of other states in the field of education. It can mostly be attributed to the stringent measures to ensure proper screening of candidates, and strict implementation of the rules to make sure that only the most eligible candidates would go through the screening procedure.

Such a state is gearing up for another modification to the admission procedure to Engineering, Medical colleges. Even with strict regulations regarding the minimum marks to be secured by a student to be admitted to a college, many colleges admitted ineligible students.

The latest changes have been brought, relaxing the eligibility criteria for admission to medical and engineering courses. Candidates previously had to secure at least 10 marks for each paper in the Entrance examinations, which tested Physics, 200 ,Chemistry, Mathematics or Biology. The changes in the minimum marks would mean, even if the candidates answer just one question out of ar200,he/she would be considered eligible for rank list inclusion and gaining admission.This is indirectly done to fill out the thousands of seats lying vacant in hundreds of private engineering colleges.
Many of those who cracked the tough entrance tests could not secure good grades or even pass the course, even when the “eligible” were only chosen. With the latest relaxations, Kerala would soon gain another record as the first state to have every other Tom,Dick and Harry as “ENGINEERS”.
A moment of silence for all the would be engineers.

Godspeed šŸ˜Š


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