friends are forever, aren’t they?

Friends was some part of my life, that I was trying to stash into some dark corner of mind. Some friends come into your life without making instant impact. Some come in with much fanfare, while some others are opportunists to the core.

When your life is all sweet and good, the old friends are the ones who come into your mind when you think about friends. If the life lay muddled, but is tidying up now, the new friends would be the ones you would think about,as friends.
When life is difficult, the least you would think of is about friends.Who would humiliate themselves, before everyone?

It was with such premonitions,that I met a few of my old friends recently.though I never had a good rapport with them, or at least majority of them , I did what I could,to help was with them that I had most of the fun in my life so far. Being a person who is never influenced or overcome by emotions, I felt nothing even when I was done with school, where bonds were much stronger. It was just another casual meeting,but I found it hard to even breathe. The feeling is hard to explain. I felt like a boulder was on me, slowly taking the air out of my lungs.

Mightily missing them

Godspeed 😊

P.S: totally meaningless post 😃


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