You Only Live Once

Fears deep within one is the worst enemy one can ever can hinder much of the activities a person want to do. The fears get imbibed in the minds usually during childhood, when a child is like a stone on which anything can be etched. Anything would get automatically fed into some dark corner of the brain,during childhood.

A person becomes worthy of himself when he has found and conquered his inner fears. Being a person who was scared of getting on stage and speaking something, I was not someone who was very popular with everyone. My chance to win over my stage fright came when I was 18.
A teacher who made me write and deliver a speech at college, in 2012 was the one who helped me discover how to get rid of the fear which kept me away from public speaking for long.

One fine and cold morning in December, he called me while I was enjoying my breakfast. Being ready to go to college , I ran to the obscure white building which was my college.

On getting inside, I found him with a few girls , chatting merrily. The first thing he said was, ‘you are hosting today’s program. Here’s the list of those who are taking part. Prepare a speech for this girl and you will welcome the guests.’
‘but,sir, why should I? These girls can easily do that. They would be much better than me at it.’ I regretted going to college then.

‘no. You should do it. I trust you.’ He said, and walked away.

It was 8 in the morning already. The program was scheduled to start at 9. All I had was an hour. In an unknown rush of adrenaline, I did all that I was told.

The formal function got delayed by half an hour. I was so tensed that I was shivering,and had to hold on to the door. It was the first time I was to go on stage, after a forgettable and disastrous attempt last time, 8 years ago.
Running short of time, I walked up to the gentleman who had given me the duty an hour back, and begged,’ please let me off this.I don’t think I can do this kinda stuff. I might screw it all up.’

He said, ‘ I know you are afraid of being on stage.just give it a try.’

As the program started, I slowly entered the stage with trembling legs. I then slowly started my speech. It felt weird, but as I went on with it, confidence came to me from nowhere.I saw my teacher smiling.

A speech at a small gathering helped me overcome a fear which kept me away from public speaking for 8 long years.I never had friends who helped me with it, or was interested in helping out. It was a teacher who did. It was after that speech, I felt confident about myself, for the first time in my life.

I still have another fear which I haven’t been able to conquer even now, a visceral fear of frogs. Frogs give me an uneasy feeling even now. And I don’t think it will leave me anytime soon.


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