In India, a country where cricket is a religion and Sachin Tendulkar a god, football might seemingly have a limited audience, as many might think. The reality is that, cricket was really sidelined by the millions of the country, and football fever kicked in from the 12th of July. Streets transformed into Brazil, Argentina, Germany and much more. It came to such an extent that no one really cared whether India A or B cricket team won, or who the new entrant into the team were. The world cup of India’s national game, hockey was hardly noticed.


The irony was, Doordarshan(DD), India’s lone public broadcaster telecasting the hockey world cup quarter finals, when the world went gaga over Brazil, and how the canaries crushed Croatia. Another queer thing was, it showing the worst soap operas ever, during match timings, which is late night for the IST zone. The matches just won’t affect the soaps. Still they would gladly set aside all the programs for a day long cricket match which gives not much of a lift to the ratings.



Though a sizeable portion of fans watch the matches on Sony Six, the majority, the rural India still relies on Doordarshan for entertainment. Thinking of them at least, DD can telecast good programmes.



This should change.



DD itself would project an image that anything even loosely associated with the government is drab, boring and belonging to the bygone era. The reason behind it is that, the government people would get their salaries, whereas the private channel employees have their jobs under the proverbial sword called TRP Ratings. So they would work like crazy, to have a job.


With corruption and rooted deep within the system, even entertainment is not spared.



GOD SAVE DD!!!!!!!!!




God speed


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