Hi everyone, I really had nothing to write this time around. On a bleak cloudy afternoon, I got a call and it forced me to write this post. Till two years ago, I was not someone who believed in love or anything even loosely associated with it. All I had was a “bah, humbug!!” attitude towards love, and I kept openly criticizing those friends who roamed around with their girlfriends. I had some unknown aversion towards romance.




It was then, that two girls came into my life, one after the other.





It was then I rediscovered myself. The first one was just a friend at the beginning, and went on to become “much more” later. She showed me the wonders love could work. Unfortunately, for some unknown reasons, it did not work out well. Even then we went on as good friends like we were before.




Then came the second one, who with her down to earth behaviour conquered me. I felt the meaning of true love my friends used to say about. We loved each other, or I loved her madly, deeply. We had to part ways because of something I did. It was THE END of love, for me. The first one stood by me, all this time. For the first time, I felt sorry for her.

A few days ago, I came to know that she would go away, or I would have to stay away from her at least, forever. In a couple of days, she would become someone else’s. I don’t know if she would see this post, but it is for her.





And I am going to greet my solitude,

Tucking further into the shell of Scrooge like attitude I had.


Going back to what I once used to call…….







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