With the simmering summer heat, a sizable portion of Indian parents is pondering on how to tackle another dilemma, the college admissions for their kids. While the school going kids are enjoying their holidays in full swing, their elder brothers and sisters are scampering for cover from their parent’s questions and ire. It is at this time that they take decisions that would make or break their careers.

But, is it just the kids who make decisions?

As far as in the Indian scenario, it isn’t just the kids. They merely have a role in making decisions about what their life should be like. It is the parents and the wronged societal perceptions that drive the process. The pressure on the kids to become doctors and engineers is so huge that the kids feel like their life depends just on it.

It is where the Indian parents should ape the west. Kids are free to choose their careers. They decide on what to study and where to.

The mounting pressure on the kids to dance to their parent’s tune has been producing an alarmingly rising number of engineering dropouts who later carve their niche to success.

What is the real reason behind this?

A friend of mine who joined an engineering college recently said that the only reason he joined there was because his parents forced him to. His parents forced him to join for engineering was because they didn’t want to feel bad before their colleagues.

The ever pestering uncles and aunts are the other factors in the persuasion drama. they keep advising about the benefits.

What does it ultimately lead to? Today’s Indian youth who should be the nation’s powerhouse wanders unemployed. Scores of engineers just sit and rot. Unemployment figures have been on an upward trend recently. A significant portion of the students doesn’t even manage to pass and secure the degree. This grave situation could have been averted if those were given a chance to ponder on what their life should be after graduation. The losses in terms of time, money and work could easily have been avoided if they were given a chance to not just nod to their parent’s decisions.

It’s not the kids who are to change, and not even the parents. It’s the prejudiced perceptions prevalent in the society that should change. The time has come, for everyone to be sensible and not act silly. If everyone were to think straight, India would surely have all the brain to drive the country into the right path to development.

I’m sure the day would come.

What do you think?


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