With the elections coming up in less than a month’s time, the political parties have swung into action with a never seen before vigor. Going into the public,guns blazing, showering promises ranging from creating more jobs to making India an ideal country or a “model” country, they all so badly want to get into power. With India being a vast and diverse country, the resources it contain too, amounts to something substantial. It is indeed the money involved with the system, which makes these parties give faux promises to the citizens of the country. Every single party is equally corrupt that they can’t afford to lose their stranglehold on the country and its economy and others want to get their share too.



The youth is highly condemned in the Indian political scenario. The aging leaders won’t just let the youth into the scene. India would be a better nation with the youth in power. What the people of India would want from a ruling front are



-ensuring the good use of the exorbitant taxes which eat in to the family finance to a great extent.


-creating more jobs for the youth


-alleviation of poverty


-bringing down the ever soaring inflation


-safety of women in the society



-stricter laws ensuring the right punishment to wrongdoers



-eradication of corruption


-transparency in governance



-bringing back the millions stowed away in Swiss bank accounts by the “rich” Indians and implementing it to develop the country




The citizens would surely vote to power the side which has enough guts to implement all this. With India being one of the largest democracies in the world, each and every vote counts.each and everyone is responsible for the situation prevalent in the country. with the youth constituting the a major share of the population, every young Indian has every power to spark the change. yet, the youth stays away from politics, arguing that politics is just for the old people. the country won’t develop with the youth staying away from their duties.

I would vote for change.

I would vote for a better country.



God Speed





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