Confession of a schezophreniac

i rode hard to embrace the certain death ,

i was weak, but the weakness didn’t affect me.

i was bludgeoned by those words, dealing more  damage to me than a thosand blows would do.

my legs were turning buttery,

i was gaining strength from the rage within me,

the frustration was making me strong.

the thought of it all,

fueled the seething anger in me.

every time i came face to face with a car or truck,

the instinct to save myself,kept kicking in

but, my enraged mind was stopping the gears of consciousness from clicking together.

a blinding flash,

a deafening boom,

it woke me up from the dreamy trance,

i felt searing pain all over me.

yet i got saved from the disaster.


for being normal,

for being with everyone,

for being loved,

and to make a decision,….

to never again think about one thing,

which everyone would call,



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