Yes, Moving to Self hosting!!!

After a lot of contemplation , I have finally decided to move over to self hosting. Will soon start moving the content from here to the new address and follow me on  very soon. For new followers, I will be starting afresh, from the first post (with a few removed obviously). Will also be writing on more diverse topics like tech, travel and food


See you all there.



Is SENSEX/NIFTY gearing up for a crash?

Watching the Union Budget being lauded by the media as The Budget For the Poor, The Budget for the Farmers, and taking a look at the stock charts, I’m contemplating on leaving stock investments for good.

From now on, Gains from Equities held for more than one year to be taxed at 15%.

Long-term CAP gains tax set at 10%.

Health and Education Cess to be 4% vs 3% earlier.

Customs Duty on Mobile phones hiked to 25% from 15.

Corporate tax cut to 25% for businesses with turnover above 250 crores while no change in Income tax for salaried employees.



Silicon Valley

Been going through a rough week with its share of ups and downs. When the business is doing good, other issues and problems would be there to give me company.

Came across Silicon Valley on Hotstar while going through random shows on the Premium section. The trailer got me hooked and watched all 4 seasons (again).

The efforts by Richard and team building Pied Piper fending off threats from Hooli and others, the so called ‘manly’ show by Erlich, the Tom & Jerry like Dinesh and Gilfoyle ,meek Jared, the badass investor Russ, simpleton Jin-Yang, Gavin Belson, make it a watchable logical series unlike the popular fantasies. What motivated me to watch the whole thing was Richard’s undying spirit to persevere and do what’s right for the company. It’s what any CEO/entrepreneur would do.

Silicon valley did help drive my blues away, why not watch it if you haven’t yet? Watch it here


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Why I became an entrepreneur

That’s one thing almost all of my friends asked when I started up. I had a comfortable job in a really comfy office and a good salary. When I broke the news of leaving my job and starting a business, all my friends were shocked to hear me starting up a business. Since I was the introvert in our class, I was the least expected to be an entrepreneur. After school, and dropping engineering the next thing I did while pursuing graduation was starting a business with my new buddy.




I have mentioned before about dropping engineering here. After going through a few incidents in and out of college, I had a chance for thorough introspection. Even though I never had any benefit doing engineering, it did give me life lessons.Engineering life forced me to leave my shyness and countless inhibitions. The first business was just a pastime but it made me realize what I could and what I couldn’t do. That was followed by a couple of other businesses which gave me the confidence to start a more serious business while still in college. That was the first business disaster. Lost all the money I had and started again from zero. The thought of making a mark and impacting the lives of people struck me then. That was the eureka moment for my current business.




Once done with college, I got a job at a company which gave me a comfy life for some time. The entrepreneur was still not gone. Working for someone gave me the courage to leave the job and start my business. Though the major reason was being unable to stand the immature behaviour of my colleagues, I resigned mentioning my plan to pursue Masters degree.




The idea of being your own boss sounds really cool though it isn’t. Taking the risk when I could was my only shot then. Guess that’s why Spiderman said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Working dawn to dusk, saving every penny, to a certain extent starving, and handling multiple jobs at the same time and navigating through the countless setbacks, hurdles and problems is entrepreneurship. During that, I had to fire two of my guys.




My road to entrepreneurship was coincidental unlike that of others who study in detail and wait for the best time. I took the leap and believed things would be alright when my chance came. Heres to all the wannapreneurs and those running their businesses. Keep grinding!!!






I’m back!!!

Long time since i wrote something here. Was busy with work and studies. For some time, I’ve been planning to stop writing here. Now, it’s time to make some time for social media. Being a solopreneur, giving out regular content online is important. Thus, have decided to restart writing here along with business blog.

See you all soon.


Just finished watching The Circle movie. I know I’m late, but work keeps me busy.  Getting straight into the performance aspect, Emma Watson in one of her best roles till date. Tom Hanks does justice to his role to the full as always.  Great concept, superb screenplay and excellent direction make it a racy movie that keeps viewers guessing what comes next, right from the moment Mae steps into The Circle HQ.

The movie is a great watch and a novel idea to follow, for millennial entrepreneurs. What made me think about the movie and the concept after watching it was what it shows. The Circle is shown as the all-knowing social network where everything and everyone are connected and can easily be tracked. The concepts of SeeChange, SoulSearch, etc are brilliant but simply murdering privacy. Though not available to the public, I’m sure the secret service agencies do have SeeChange like technologies in place for implementation.

The movie or rather the plot celebrates Mae being “completely transparent ” but how would it be if the whole world could watch you the whole day? How would it feel knowing you are being under surveillance by some organization? The Circle or rather the concept of it is how sinister, companies/corporations can get. That’s unmetered, unchecked, undeterred surveillance on a users life, both private and personal, with the user’s consent. Even when Mae is chosen as the transparent one, it should be noticed that Eamon and Tom in the movie stay out of transparency. When its forced upon them, they prefer to stay silent or walk out.  The killer side of social media is shown when Mae’s friend Mercer builds a beautiful chandelier and receives death threats when Mae posts a picture of it on The Circle. SoulSearch is a great concept to track people in real time, the concept will be in place in a few years, implemented by the governments.  Once you get in, there’s no way out. In the end, Mae ends up helplessly watching her friend die while demoing SoulSearch, almost being Mercer’s killer.

Going by the current growth path, a doubt that might arise in everyone’s mind is “Is Facebook becoming The Circle? ”

Facebook is free, open and awesome. So is The Circle. It does make money through ads, but a good part of pie can be suspected to arise from the user data(Demographics, personal details, posts, online behaviour and all other blah blah) that are being sold to other companies. Secrets are lies, that’s what the movie says. Privacy is a joke these days since we all agree and give consent to all the companies, corporation or websites to access our data anytime as they wish. If you have any doubts regarding that,  try uninstalling the Messenger app on your Android/iOS smartphone and install it again. During reinstall, carefully read the Terms & Conditions of the app. You will expressly give your consent to use your phone camera or microphone without even when you aren’t using the app. Facebook is free, Instagram is free and WhatsApp is free.  Mr.Zuck isn’t crazy to provide us with all the wonderful stuff just for ad revenue.   I’m not accusing Facebook of being The Circle. Given the current direction the company is going, it is the right contender to be the real-life ‘The Circle’.Not just Facebook, even the latest entrant in the Indian telecom scenario, Jio, can be The Circle. The company first gives you unlimited data, calls, SMS and whatnot, that too for free. Once the whole of India has started using Jio, Mr.Ambani can’t recoup the investment he made just by making all customers subscribe to Jio Prime or making them recharge their numbers.Once people are hooked to their service, Jio can easily make the now free services paid and the public would happily comply with it since they got addicted to being connected 24/7. The calls, texts, downloads the browsing habits of customers would be mapped and sold. It’s Big Data!!!

The time when we are monitored in every step is not so far. A minute of silence for privacy which would be murdered then and be history.

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Self-hosting your blog is the first step in monetizing the content you create. It lets you have more control over your blog and have access to much more features than on a free blog.  That said, self-hosting has its own cons. Once self-hosted, the security and backup of your blog are of great concern since no one will manage that for you(That’s one reason I stick with this free WordPress blog, I’m too lazy). After finding your perfect domain name, choosing a reliable web hosting provider is important.
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